Venture Builder - from ideation to profitability

Venture Builder - from ideation to profitability

Working together to ideate, validate, build, launch & scale ventures to profitability. Building innovative new products that solve real customer problems.

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Venture Builder - from ideation to profitability Venture Builder - from ideation to profitability Venture Builder - from ideation to profitability Venture Builder - from ideation to profitability
Venture Builder - from ideation to profitability

Our 5 phase
Venture Builder

Phase 1 - Concept to Proposition

Take an idea to a set of deliverables that support a Business Model canvas - building confidence in spending more time refining the proposition in future phases. Basically, that there is a real problem to solve and that we are able to realise the solution in a timely way, with clarity on the customer who will pay for it.

Phase 2 - Proposition to Build

Taking the outputs of Phase 2 and adding more meat to the bone. This phase involves doing a deeper dive on the customer, the solution, the technology, the pricing and proposition as well as the market. With a set of defined outputs including a business case, primary and secondary customer research competitive intelligence, product and technology strategy, this phase gives you the confidence to move to Phase 3 and further refine our understanding of the problem and solution space.

Phase 3 - Build to Launch

Working standalone or as part of a multi-disciplinary team, we will take the outputs of Phase 1 and 2 and build a product and lightweight venture to run and operate. This phase not only includes development of the application and infrastructure to enable the product, but a set of lightweight processes to support a viable venture. This includes marketing, finance and sales processes, channel strategy, pricing strategy, plus some initial customers to iterate understanding as we launch into Phase 4.

Phase 4 - Launch to Profitability

As well as continuing to refine the working outputs from Phase 1 and 2, this phase involves realising (and iterating upon) the roadmap to support customers pain points and delivering solutions that extend above the initial value proposition. This phase involves onboarding customers and releasing features to support a profitable outcome for the venture and cementing product-market-customer fit.

Phase 5 - Profitability to Enduring

Once we have achieved profitability and product market fit, we need to accelerate delivery of the roadmap, onboarding additional customers and automating processes, making them repeatable at scale. This phase could include a glide path for a My Red Crayons exit to a new leadership and product team to ensure an enduring operational capability and further scale the venture to new opportunities.

Our Product Services

As well as enabling a “Cradle to Exit” process for building new ventures, My Red Crayons team also provides additional Product Services to support your own organisation review, refine and recharge your own Products & Ventures.  We take elements of our process and deliver them as standalone distinct services that My Red Crayons will deliver.

Concept Ideation & Proposition Refinement

Work with your team to review and refine your existing ideas and propositions to take to build a compelling case to proceed (or otherwise) so your organisation can focus on those propositions that align with your wider strategy and have the best chance of success and profitability.

Product Strategy & Roadmap Review

We can perform a review of the product strategy and roadmap, providing an objective direction around key deliverables including problem, solution, channel strategy, route to market, business case, financials and pricing strategy and customer research.

Technology Strategy & Roadmap Review

We can perform a review of the technology strategy and roadmap to support the wider project strategy and business case, taking a pragmatic approach on what is required to move to profitability, versus what is required for an enduring team and organisation.

Venture Builder as a Standalone Phase

Take 1 or more of the 5 Venture Builder phases outlined above and we will act in a consultancy capacity to deliver specific outcomes to ensure we achieve your objectives for the given Venture Builder phases. We also operate a shared risk reward model we can discuss.

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